Mac’s Brew News 10/26/2014 – A Tribute To Wyatt Earp

“The fighting has commenced.  Go to fighting or get away.” (Wyatt Earp to Ike Clanton, October 26, 1881;  Tombstone, Arizona)

Today is the 133rd anniversary of the gunfight at the OK Corral.  To commemorate this event, Mac’s Brew Pub is proudly releasing this newsletter.  I trust that’s OK with you.

Well, summer is over, and so is my vacation.  I enjoyed the break from the rigors of brewing, but I also missed the challenge and the fun.  My kegerator is almost empty, so it’s time to fire up the brew kettle and make some more beer.  I have only one beer left on tap (Red Headed Step-Child) and that is almost gone, so more home brew is definitely in order.  I can’t complain, though, I haven’t brewed since May and my beer lasted until now – not too bad (beer on tap for 4 months without brewing).  This is what’s going on at Mac’s Brew Pub.

Mac the Annihilator: I brewed a batch of Mac the Annihilator (MTA) on Tuesday October 14, 2014.  I tweaked the recipe a little (much to Mike’s chagrin), so this is Generation II of MTA.  The color is just right (although it’s a little hard to tell when it’s in the fermenter) and the Original Gravity was 1.092.  This should finish out in the high 9% ABV range – at least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

Maktoberfest: On Tuesday October 28, I’m brewing Maktoberfest.  See Mac’s Whatchamacallit in previous newsletters – it’s the same recipe (third place at the 2013 OC Fair).  This time I’m brewing 10 gallons.  I will keg 5 gallons and bottle 5 gallons.  I love Oktoberfest (Marzen) style beers, so this is my “ale” answer to the Marzen style (a lager).  The ale yeast I’m using ferments very clean, like a lager, so the end result is a lager-like ale.

Baby Luke’s Barrel Aged Barley Wine: I was going to let this age one more month, but since there is almost nothing on tap at Mac’s, I decided to keg Baby Luke’s Barley Wine today.  It’s been conditioning/aging on bourbon soaked oak cubes since March 30, 2014 (with a little bit of fermentation going on as well).  It’s 12.2% ABV with a decent bourbon barrel aroma and flavor.  We’ll see how it stands up to carbonation (it’s being carbonated now) – I’m afraid it’s going to be a little too dry as the final gravity was much lower than I intended (1.012).  I might have goofed up by adding the champagne yeast after primary fermentation – it brought the gravity down, but much more than I intended.  Oh well, we’ll see how it tastes.  Baby Luke is now 9 months old and this was brewed in his honor shortly after his birth.  You’re a blessing, Luke; Papa loves you!

Ok, that’s it for this edition of Mac’s Brew News.  It’s nice and short, but all the latest information is here.  I hope that’s OK with all of you.

Speaking of OK, if anyone is interested in the gunfight at the OK Corral and/or Wyatt Earp, there are several good books on the subject.  In my opinion, the most comprehensive and fair treatment of the life and times of the Earps is Wyatt Earp: The Life Behind The Legend by Casey Tefertiller (copyright 1997).  I have read several Wyatt Earp books, but this one is by far the most compelling, well researched and comprehensive treatment of the subject.  I highly recommend it.  The 1994 movie, “Tombstone” is a pretty good  and accurate treatment of the subject until it gets to the vendetta, where it depicts a lot of gratuitous violence.  Up to that point, however, it is historically accurate and very compelling.

As many of you are aware, there are several photos of Wyatt Earp in Mac’s Brew Pub.  I think it would have been fascinating to spend an afternoon with him sharing war stories and a beer.  He truly is an American legend.

Here’s to you, Wyatt (03/19/1848 – 01/13/1929).  YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!.  From one law man to another – Cheers!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Mac’s Brew News 10/26/2014 – A Tribute To Wyatt Earp

  1. Hi Carl,
    I’m hoping to have a glass of Baby Luke’s with you in November, sounds good, hope it isn’t too strong for me? If it is I’ll still drink it with you in honor of our precious Great Grandson Luke!
    See you soon!
    Love Mom

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