Mac’s Brew News – Holiday Season 2012

Merry Christmas to all of you, and thank you for following my blog.  Because my time has been consumed with home remodeling, I have not been able to brew for the last six months.  Mac’s Brew News has sort of languished, but I have been trying to post a lot of beer reviews (since I don’t have my own beer to drink, I’ve been buying a lot of high quality commercial craft beer).  Hopefully you have been intrigued enough by these reviews to go out and purchase some of the reviewed beers.  All I can say is, the craft beer industry is flourishing right now, and we are reaping the rewards.

I plan to begin brewing again in early January.  My first brew of 2013 will be a barrel aged beer (I’ll probably tweak Little Levi’s Bourbon Barrel Stout a little and then age it for several months on the oak/bourbon).  I also plan to brew Phat Pliny again, but I will alter the hop profile so the beer is a little more citrusy, and a little less piney.  I brewed seven ales from late January to May 2012 – all original recipes.  I need to spend some time in my creative chamber coming up with some new recipes for 2013.  I hope to brew about twice a month (that’s ambitious, but I will continue to take the summer months off, so don’t think I’m gonna go out of control).

I really need to finish building my kegerator.  Now that I’m retired, I should be able to do that pretty soon.  Hopefully I can finish that in late January (late February is more realistic; I’m still painting doors and door casings in the house, and the holiday season is going to curtail my painting).  I put the kegerator project on hold in June, and am anxious to “git ‘er done”.  Ah yes, draft beer at Mac’s Brew Pub coming soon.

Many of you saw this last year, but I was too lazy to write another one for Christmas 2012.  Here’s my attempt at real, sophisticated literature.  Enjoy.

A Christmas Ode to Mac’s Beer

Christmas is here once again
When presents abound to all men
The weather turns cold
But the beers, much more bold,
Are designed to warm from within.

Now this liquid nutrition called ale
Comes in colors, dark medium and pale
With the carols you hear
It promotes Christmas cheer
And lifts spirits as troubled as hell.

Hence Mac, who craved drinking this beer
With loved ones and friends he held dear
Started brewing his own
In his sanctum at home
And made sumptuous ale, did you hear?

Though some do not find it a pleasure
Those worthy ones think ale a treasure
To drink and imbibe
With their pals who arrive
To partake of good times beyond measure.

So, a pint of ale we raise high
To salute our friends far and nigh
We consume what’s before us
To cheer and restore us
And for more of God’s nectar we cry!

Again, Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!  Cheers.

2 thoughts on “Mac’s Brew News – Holiday Season 2012

    • Thanks, Deb. I would say the house is nice, but will really be beautiful when the kegerator is functional. All that beer on tap – I’ll never want to leave my castle . . . er, I mean Mac’s Brew Pub

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