Mac’s Brew News – October 23, 2012

It’s been several months since I posted anything to Mac’s Brew News.  As I pointed out in my last newsletter, Mac’s Brew Pub was on hiatus for the summer, but I had planned on brewing again in August 2012.  However, I did not brew in August, and it doesn’t look like I will brew anything before the holidays, so I think January 2013 is a realistic goal to return to brewing.

So, what happened?  Sheila (Mrs. Mac, aka “The Boss”) wanted a new air gap cover for our kitchen.  This led to all kinds of mischief, including painting most of the interior of the house (ceilings different colors, each room a different color, accent colors on certain walls, baseboards and door casings with accent colors, etc.) new floors through the whole house (except in Mac’s Brew Pub room), complete kitchen remodel (new cabinets, new counter tops & sink, new appliances, new lighting), bathroom remodel (see kitchen remodel, but new fixtures, including sinks, instead of new appliances), new living room furniture (to match the new paint, of course), and all kinds of new uh, uh . . . .  stuff (yeah, that’s what you call it, “stuff”).  Needless to say, Mac’s attention has been diverted to remodeling (painting, plumbing, fixture installation, detail work, etc.) AND, the brew pub room has become a storage unit for all of our kitchen & bathroom stuff for a few months (since the beginning of July).

I don’t mean to bore you with all of the details, but this is my (lame) excuse for not brewing nor posting for the last few months.  We are getting to the end of this saga, so (like I already stated) I hope to start brewing again in January (2013).  Oh, also, I put the kegerator project on hold as well, and hope to get back to that within the next month.  I want to keg my next batch.

One thing I want to mention in this edition of the newsletter has to do with everyday life at Mac’s.  I retired from my day job on October 5, 2012.  On Wednesday October 10th, I went to the Tahoe area with my great friend, Brian Renden.  His brother, Joe Renden, is a real brewmeister, and is head brewer at High Sierra Brewing Company in Carson City, Nevada.  On Thursday October 11, 2012, Joe Renden let me assist in brewing an IPA for the brewery.  This was a thrill for me, and an experience I will not soon forget.  Thanks, Joe, for the opportunity to be part of a real brewing adventure.  You’re a good man, and a gracious host (I stayed at his cabin in Truckee with him and Brian).  And, a special thank you to Brian for the 5 day adventure and letting me have some fun with your brother.  You’re the bomb, Brian.

For now, my next few postings will be beer reviews – after all, even though I am not brewing anything, I’m still buying beer and drinking it.  I will try to give everyone some food for thought (remember, beer has food value) and make some recommendations for beer appreciation.  I hope you find the beer reviews insightful, interesting and helpful.


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