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I just learned today that two of Mac’s four entries into the Orange County Fair hombrew competition have won awards.  Last night I received an e-mail invitation (from the competition organizers) to attend the Orange County Fair Homemade Beer Party.  The e-mail didn’t say I won anything, but there was one sentence at the end stating, “The competition party is open to winners, judges and stewards.”  Today I found the results posted on the OC Fair website.  So here is how my two winners fared at the fair:

Little Levi’s Bourbon Barrel Stout – 2nd place in the Wood-Aged Beer class

Mac’s Black Forest Stout – 3rd place in the Fruit Beer class

Mac’s Aeronautical Amber Ale and Mak’s Bavarian Hefeweizen did not place in the competition, but I’m not disappointed, as two of my four entries won awards.  I’m proud of this accomplishment, and this may just motivate me to brew again . . . . . . .

Here is a link to the OC Fair Homemade Beer Competition Results:

The winners are listed in alphabetical order (6 pages – that’s a lot of beer; would that be fun to be a judge, or what!!).  I may just have to have a celebration party, serve some of my award winning brew and gloat!  Well, maybe I won’t gloat, but if I do, remember Mac’s motto says it all, “I’ve Upped My Standards . . .  UP YOURS!”

11 thoughts on “Mac’s Brew News ALERT

  1. Carl congratulations that’s great news! We’re very proud of you!
    Especially for Little Levi’s name sake beer.
    Love Mom & Papa

    • Thanks Rob. I’m not a brew master, but I think I had some beginners luck (or maybe the bribe money I included with the beer I submitted did the trick).

  2. Dad!!! That is so great!!! I’m so proud of you… all your hard work paid off! Great job! How exciting. I knew you would place!

    • Yeah, I still remember the rainy Saturday in January when I brewed the award winning Little Levi’s Bourbon Barrel Stout. I really wasn’t even thinking of a beer competition – that was kind of a fluke decision later in the Spring. I was just trying to brew a huge wood aged beer and was very pleased when I finally tasted it in March. When I submitted my samples, I really thought this beer had the best chance to win a prize. Thank you, Krissy, and thanks to little Levi for the inspiration!

  3. Congrats Uncle! That’s so freaking awesome!I knew your beer would not go unrecognized! I say yes to a celebration party, gloat away! awesome work! Can’t wait to have a cheers with you!

    • Hey April, thanks for the vote of confidence! I hate to be an Arrogant Bastard, but that’s what your dad calls me. If I’ve got the handle anyway, I might as well live up to it, right? I’m celebrating with a Phat Pliny right now, and lovin’ it. Thanks again, April, you’re the bomb!

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