Mac’s Brew News – June 18, 2012

Today I bottled Mac’s Irish Red (Toe) Ale.  It weighed in at 6.7% ABV.  It’ s a very nice dark amber color, with a malty aroma and flavor.  I tasted a small sample at bottling time, and believe this will maintain it’s malty characteristic through carbonation (carbonation tends to dry out a beer).  The beer is remarkably clear, with very little trub left in the fermenter after racking to the bottling bucket (only yeast left behind).  This should be ready for consumption in mid-July.

This was the last brew from Mac’s Brew Pub for a couple of months.  I brewed 7 different ales in about 5 1/2 months during the winter and spring of 2012.  I will probably resume in late August with some fall beers.  Hopefully by then, I will have my kegerator constructed so I can keg the beer rather than bottle it (much less work to keg).  So, Mac’s Brew Pub will not be producing for the next couple of months, but will still be in operation, and will be open to friends and family for beer tasting and consumption.  I currently have in stock: Little Levi’s Bourbon Barrel Stout; Mac’s Black Forest Stout; Phat Pliny; Mak’s Bavarian Hefeweizen; Mak’s Dunkelweizen; Mac’s Cherry Wheat; Mac’s Irish Red (Toe) Ale.  I also have a few bottles of some 2011 brew – Mac’s Vanilla Oat Stout.

Stop by the pub soon for a beer or two.  Cheers!

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