Mac’s Brew News – May 23, 2012

I decided to Try Phat Pliny again (it’s been over three weeks since I last tasted it and found it was not yet carbonated).  I had one this evening (Wednesday May 23, 2012).  It’s fully carbonated (what a relief – I was kinda worried after tasting it a few weeks ago and finding the CO2 level quite low) and has a great taste.  It’s got an intense hoppy aroma, with an over-the-top hoppy flavor.  However, it also has a big malty sweet taste that is quite evident.  I guess you could say it’s bittersweet.  It’s not nearly as dry as Pliny the Elder, which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish.  The color is a shade darker than Pliny the Elder, but the flavor is right on.

I had one after work today, on an empty stomach.  It’s 10.1% ABV, and it went right to my head (now that’s not necessarily a bad thing).  This is a really big beer, but it is very drinkable.  I could consume several if eating something along with it.  Any IPA lover would truly enjoy this brew.  Anybody care to join me for one?

Right now I have Phat Pliny, Mak’s Dunkelweizen, Mak’s Bavarian Hefeweizen, Black Forest Stout and Little Levi’s Bourbon Barrel Stout at Mac’s Brew Pub.  Phat Pliny, the dunkel and the hefe are being served.  The two stouts are only being sampled at this time, but should be ready for consumption in another couple of months.  Let me know if you are interested in coming to the pub for some beer tasting – I might be able to arrange something.

I will probably bottle Mac’s Cherry Wheat on Friday (May 25, 2012) and brew a red ale on Monday (May 28, 2012).  I might lay off for awhile after that and then resume in late summer.  I need to have plenty of beer on hand for the two plus month hiatus (wouldn’t want to run out now, would we?).


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